ESP optimisation step by step
By our definition, optimisation
implies beating the legal
requirements regarding precipitation
– or at least meeting them – as
well as achieving a longer
lifespan by preserving mechanical


1. Assessment of actual situation of ESP control units and high-voltage power units

  • Function check of the electrotechnical unit
  • Test run simulation (if procurable)
  • Test run (cold commissioning, voltage test, etc.)
  • Interpretation of attained data

2. Development of an improvement plan, based on the actual situation
This plan elaborates which control unit features the ideal regulation for your ESP.
We might even be able to provide a three month trial operation with a modern
voltage regulator.
If the control unit needs to be replaced, the voltage regulator can either be fitted into
the existing control cubicle, or it can be supplied with a new one.
Furthermore, we can provide the integration of the controls and regulation of all
auxiliary drives, using the latest automation technology (SPS, S5, S7, PCS7, etc.).
All features can also be visualised on an external display in the control cubicle.

3. Delivery and assembly
The delivery of a state of the art, custom-tailored ESP control unit, can take two to
sixteen weeks, dependant on the model.

4. Implementation
We realise that every hour of down-time costs a lot of money, so the implementation
will be executed by skilled technical staff – at minimum time.

5. Supervision of commissioning
Upon completion of work and technical acceptance, one of our service technicians
will monitor the commissioning of the plant. Any possible variables in the entire flue
gas treatment plant can thus be either corrected on the spot, or reviewed with your
staff in the control room.
Should the commissioning be delayed by any other plant components, we are
happy to return at any desired time. Supervision of commissioning will only be
omitted at your express wish.

6. Preparation of detailed documentation
After successful commissioning, detailed documentation (E-Plan, PDF, DXF, etc.)
will be issued. Usually, it is sent to you in advance as a PDF. The hard-copy will be
sent shortly afterwards, including all records on CD.

7. Training of your staff
As a matter of course, detailed and comprehensive training of your staff on the new
control components is included.