Gas flow measurements

You are experiencing technical
difficulties regarding:

  • Gas flow tilts
  • Gas flow in general
  • Gas flow regulation
  • Dust bridges
  • Blocked dust hoppers
  • Thermal bridges
  • Dust caking
  • or the like

Should you experience some of the above mentioned difficulties, or we detect such
during an inspection, we can render the following service:

Gas flow meansurement subsequently followed by gas flow regulation

1. Assessment of actual situation (procedurally)
The actual gas flow situation in your ESP is determined and documented in a report,
visually presenting the findings by means of diagrams. This way, you can verify our
findings upon completion of the measurements.

2. Development of a solution concept
Upon completion of the measurements, we will propose a solution in the report.
In collaboration with your staff, we will promptly develop the implementation plan
(execution time, time scheduling, staffing, etc.).

3. Development of a gas flow regulation plan
In the report, we will specify what needs to be done and how it should be done.

4. Implementation
We will perform the works using skilled and qualified staff. Trained in health and safety
issues, our staff is instructed to respect all relevant health and safety issues, as well
as your in-house safety regulations. If necessary, safety deficiencies will be pointed out.